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ινστιτουτο παστερ ωρες λειτουργιας πειραιας μυκονος διαρκεια ταξιδιου κοιμηση θεοτοκου ανω γλυφαδα new Hersonissos is the most famous place of κιθαρα μαθηματα δωρεαν Crete. It's a small town 25 km east of the city of παγκόσμιος οργανισμός εμπορίου ελλαδα Heraklion and the Heraklion airport. It's population is about 4000 citizens and during the high season the visitors reach the 50000 persons! That's because Hersonissos is a tourism area very well developed, and there are hundreds of big and small hotels, restaurants, clubs. There are many shops selling souvenirs, jewelery, This place is preferred by a lot of young people because of the night life at the Hersonissos harbour and the nice beaches with facilities and watersports offered in all of them. But also is preferred for family vacations too. Small hotels and apartments, the best quiet choice at the villages close to Hersonissos, offer a great environment for families and children. These traditional cretan are : σύγκλητος πανεπιστήμιο κύπρου Koutouloufari, ροζ ακρίδες αλαντιν Piskopiano, ζήσαμε στην αμαρτία Old Hersonissos and they are less than 2 km from the harbour and the beaches.

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